17th Month Undated Planner: After All, Dreams Are What We Live for

A planner to discover your dreams and organize your days.

Everyday life pulls us in all kinds of directions and here, in this 17-month undated planner, is space to define your priorities and discover how to achieve them.  It's a place just for you. Everything that's important, everything that matters most to you, has a home within these pages - from setting goals and fulfilling dreams to scheduling everyday tasks and appointments. And with motivating and inspiring quotations throughout, you'll be ready for all the possibilities that lie ahead.


- Undated format is easy to begin at any time of the year.

- Weekly calendar views include space for tasks, goals, and hopes.

- Monthly calendar views with inspiring quotations and words.

- Dedicated pages for longer-term dreams and aspirations.

- Blank pages ideal for your notes and to-do lists.

- Perforated corner tabs and make it simple to find your place.

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